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Priority is given to active creators in art book production. Attach links to recent works for selection consideration.

The Taipei Art Book Fair encourages creators to design booths according to the theme of each session; this will also be considered in the booth review process. We welcome everyone to use their imagination.
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Workshop Proposal If you have any workshop proposals, please let us know. Alternatively, if you come up with ideas later, you can contact us via email at hooroo@double-grass.com.
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  1. In order to support the creation of art books, priority will be given to creators who continue to create. It is recommended to attach recent works and personal social media or websites to the application form for selection reference.
  2. Taipei Art Book Fair encourages creators to create ideas and arrange booths according to the theme of each session, and this will also be included in the booth review and sloppy award indicators. Welcome everyone to use your imagination together.
  3. The organizer will provide corresponding equipment, space and site location for different booth types. After application, no adjustments will be accepted. Please be sure to choose the most suitable booth type according to your needs. If you need to modify it, please fill in the registration form again.
  4. The admission notice will be sent by Email, please pay attention to incoming mail & junk mail, no further notice will be given if you are not admitted.
  5. The actual table size will be notified at the time of application accepted, detailed information and additional purchase of work permits will be provided.
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